greenmonkey® in collaboration with the University of Miami’s Center on Aging and Laboratory of Neuromuscular Research & Active Aging has been conducting cutting edge scientific research about the proven benefits of yoga on the human body.





Differences in energy expenditure during high-speed versus standard-speed yoga: A randomized sequence crossover trial


Difference in muscle activation patterns during high-speed versus standard-speed yoga: A randomized sequence crossover study


Comparative Impacts of Power Training and High-Speed Yoga on Motor Function in Older Patients with Parkinson Disease



Comparative Impacts of Tai Chi, Balance Training, and a Specially-Designed Yoga Program on Balance in Older Fallers



Core Muscle Function During Specific Yoga Poses



Muscle Utilization Patterns Vary By Skill Levels Of The Practitioners Across Specific Yoga Poses (Asanas)


Controlled Pilot Study of the Effects of Power Yoga in Parkinson’s Disease






Kiersten Mooney, E-RYT 500, is the cofounder of Green Monkey, 200- and 300-hour Registered Yoga Schools in Southwest Florida. She has completed extensive published research in sports-specific training and yoga, and is currently in collaboration with the University of Miami on yoga research. Kiersten has over 20 years’ experience in the wellness industry as a professional athlete trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga teacher. She facilitates teacher trainings and cultivates powerful teacher leaders all over the world. Her passion lies in inspiring you to awaken to your personal power, and to Live Your Practice fully and courageously in every aspect of life.




Dr. Signorile is a Professor at the University of Miami with a joint appointment at the University of Miami Center on Aging. He has been involved in research using exercise to address independence and fall prevention for over 20 years, amassing over 65 refereed manuscripts and 200 national and international scientific presentations. He has been a pioneer in applying the diagnosis/prescription model for tailored exercise to improve function and reduce falls in older persons and continues to work on new technologies for improving independence. Within the context of prescriptive exercise, he has organized and led a series of studies that produced and published refereed articles detailing novel tools to assess and improve independence. His most recent work has concentrated on sarcopenic obesity and increasing functionality in older persons. Additionally, his newest research interest, in collaboration with greenmonkey® Yoga, is the modification of classic yoga to accommodate the needs of special populations such as older fallers and Parkinson’s patients. He has chaired over 20 doctoral dissertations and served as a committee member on countless more. Dr. Signorile recently released his definitive book on aging exercise prescription entitled Bending the Aging Curve, which has been translated into Cantonese, Korean and Italian.